Course Information

Principles of Java Language with Applications

Instructor : Charles C.C.  Li


Mary Campione, Kathy Walrath, Alison Huml. The Java Tutorial, Third Edition.
You can download the whole book from

Main Goals


  1. Introduction: what is java? How to write, compile and execute a java program.
  2. Language Basics: variables, operators, flow control.
  3. Object Oriented Langauge: understand the concept of object oriented langauge, write classes, create objects, use member functions, package etc etc
  4. Swing and Applet: how to use Java's graphical user interface.
  5. Netbean/Eclipse: Use IDE to develop java programs.
  6. Exception handling: how to handle errors
  7. I/O: reading and writing
  8. Java document: how to use java document
  9. Java Collection or other useful classes